Life Tenancy Investments
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Creating great value UK residential property investments.

LTI are the UK’s leading broker and manager of Life Tenancy property investments.

We specialise in creating great value, low maintenance property investments designed to complement an existing portfolio or kick-start a new one.

Whether you are a novice investor looking to explore your options or a seasoned professional in the market for new opportunities, our property investments could help you realise substantial returns.

Life Tenancies Explained

Life Tenancies are medium to long-term property investments created by our partner which have multiple factors that drive capital growth.

A Life Tenancy is a UK residential property that is subject to a Lifetime Lease which has been acquired by one or more persons aged over 60 as part of a Home for Life Plan (HFLP) transaction.

Featured Investor Opportunities

Here is a selection of some of our latest investment opportunities that are offered at significant discounts below their vacant possession value.

Investment Returns

Life Tenancies have multiple factors that drive capital growth:

Purchasing Life Tenancies

Our partner is the originator of the HFLP and is referred to as the “Provider” in the HFLP documentation. Once an investor purchases a Life Tenancy , the new investor becomes the Provider and will have all the legal rights and obligations of the originator.

Owning Life Tenancies

A Life Tenancy is a unique investment which comes with some expectations & obligations, both legal and otherwise.

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